Monday, June 28, 2010

support me...

After replacing my rims, at 70-80kph, my dingo began to vibrate. Way past 80kph, running at 90 to 100kph, my dingo stabilized. But with the slow traffic in SLEX, you would be lucky enough to have your car running way past 80kph. With consultations from "old" drivers, they said I just need to have my wheel balanced. So I went to GoodYear Servitek at Alabang-Zapote Road, just paid about P200.00. Driving along Filinvest Area at 60kph, I thought the vibration would be gone. Lo and behold! By the time I was speeding in SLEX beyond 80kph, there it is again... So I slowed down at was just running at 60kph at SLEX! Anyway, brought it back after 2 days and they took my dingo for a test drive. They looked underneath the car and said they saw a crack at my engine support. I brought it to a friend's mechanic and had it replaced. He replaced both the front and rear engine support with copy parts, which solved the problem for a while. After a week of using my dingo, there's the vibration again. I have to bring it back to the mechanic but I still have to save up for the original parts...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

braking it...

For the past weeks I have been hearing squealing everytime I stepped on my brakes. I had it checked in one of the Shell Service Stations here in Marikina. My front brakes were disc brakes while my rear brakes were drum brakes. They cleaned it for P300.00. I was advised that if the squealing returns I have to go to a machine shop and have the two front rotor disc refaced. 2 days after the squealing returned. I went to Kevin's Machine Shop and had it refaced. I paid for P1500.00 (P500.00 for each disc and another P500.00 for the labor) and I also replaced the brake pads for P650.00. And true enough no more squealing sounds... c",)

Monday, May 10, 2010


Model Dingo 1.5 GDI
Layout Front-engined, Fwd.
Dimensions L / W / H / WB : 3885 / 1695 / 1635 / 2440 mm
Engine Inline-4, dohc, 4v/cyl, direct-injection
Capacity 1468 c.c.
Power 105 hp
Torque 103 lbft
Transmission 4A
Suspensions F: strut / R: multi-link
Tires 185/65 R14
Weight 1180 kg
Top speed N/A 0-60 mph
N/A 0-100 mph

my mitsubishi dingo

One year & five months ago, i bought my first car. A 1999 Mitsubishi Mirage Dingo. Yes, it's a second hand car. (It's what I can afford that I can fully pay at one time and not to worry about monthly amortizations, etc.)
I bought my car from Sasakyan Depot at their Marcos Highway Branch. It was a good deal! The car was already converted to a left-hand drive. Before it was turned over to me, they already tuned up and changed the oil. New batteries also were installed. Of course, it was washed & waxed. It was like I bought a new car. Believe me.
I treated the car like brand new, did a change oil & tune up, replaced spark plugs and did a wheel balance after 5000 kms. After 10,000 kms, did another change oil & tune up and I opted to replace my timing belt since I'm running at about 87,000kms already.